Breath Alcohol

Options Lab offers breath alcohol screening and confirmation by DOT-certifed breath alcohol technicians.  We utilize a  DOT-approved evidential breath testing (EBT) device to measures alcohol concentration in the breath.  Breath alcohol testing can performed by our staff at our Appleton location.

How does breath alcohol testing work?: A breath alcohol test is an estimate of your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The test measures the amount of alcohol in the air that you breathe out.  Within minutes of drinking alcohol, your blood alcohol concentration starts to rise. Unlike food, alcohol is absorbed directly through the walls of the stomach, goes into the bloodstream, and travels throughout your body and to your brain. This allows blood alcohol levels to increase quickly.  The amount of alcohol in your blood reaches its highest level about 60 minutes after drinking.  Most of the alcohol is metabolized by the liver; the rest of it is passed out of your body in urine and your exhaled breath.  Breath alcohol devices have a sensor that detects the amount of alcohol present in the exhaled air.   For law enforcement, a breath alcohol concentration of .08% while driving or operating machinery is considered impaired (BAC limits vary by state) and can be prosecuted.  For employment purpose, a breath alcohol concentration of .02% is considered unfit for duty.

When is breath alcohol testing used?:  Breath alcohol testing is most commonly used for law enforcement purposes to detect impaired and intoxicated drivers.  In the workplace, breath alcohol testing is included as part of substance abuse testing programs and often used in post-accident investigations and cases where an employee is suspected of being intoxicated while at work.  The agencies within the US Department of Transportation require random breath alcohol testing of a certain percentage of employeee who are in safety-sensitive positions. 

For more information on breath alcohol testing services, contact 920-882-1646