Test Menu/Cut-Offs

Options Lab, Inc offers a wide variety of drugs-of-abuse tests.  Most of our customers use a set number of tests in their custom designed screening panel.  We can include any number of the following tests in your drug/alcohol testing panel:

Options Lab includes the following specimen validity test in all of our test panels:

  • Creatinine
  • pH
  • Specific Gravity

As is standard practice in the drug testing industry,  Options Lab utilizes a set of standardized cut-offs for distinguishing between negative and positive drug samples.  For our employment customers, we utilize cut-offs required by SAMSHA and the federal workplace testing program. 

For drug and alcohol treatment situations and zero-tolerance programs, standard workplace cut-off may not be sensitive enough to detect drug/alcohol use relapses and we are able to provide lower testing thresholds for these types of programs.  For most of our tests, we are able to use the test's limit of detection (LOD) as the cut-off which provides superior drug detection capability.  For full listing of the different drugs/drug metabolites we are able to test for and the standard cut-offs we utilize, please click on the links below:

Urine Drug Screen Cut-Offs

Urine Drug Confirmation Cut-Offs